Services from Black Plumbing

Video Inspection - With video inspection equipment we can now see behind walls, inside ceilings, in and around pipes, inside pipes and sewer systems. This process is ideal for quick, nondestructive diagnosis for those hard-to reach places. This image can be placed onto a flash drive so that it can be played back for further diagnosis. This equipment can be used for residential and commercial clients.

Electronic Leak Detection - Have you heard water running in your walls? Is your concrete warm to the touch? There are many reasons why this could be happening. You could have a small leak in a copper line or a slab leak. With the Electronic Leak Detection equipment we can localize your problem, to help lower costly repairs.

Hot and Cold Jetter Services - Our jetter services can be used for commercial and residential clients. The jetter services are great when cleaning grease lines in restaurants and kitchens. Getting rid of roots in the line that are usually fine hairline roots that mesh together can usually be cut with a rotary device that is placed onto the jetter. The jetter is ideal for cleaning septic systems, this process also helps not only cleans the lines, but also spreads the water throughout the drainage hose, cleaning the stone around these pipes.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement - Pipe relining is a more cost effective and less destructive method for replacing old or damaged pipes. A resin is used to coat the inside of the damaged pipe and is held in place to dry and harden, creating another layer of protection for your plumbing.

Pipe Bursting Technology - Our technicians are trained in the latest pipe bursting technology where the new line is pulled through the existing pipe, with minimal excavation and a less intrusive method for replacing broken or cracked pipes. The method starts with threading a bursting head inside the broken pipe using a cable and pulling rod. As the bursting head travels the length of the old pipe, it is slowly and safely broken apart and replaced by a new pipe. We service pipe ranging from 2" to 12" for residential, commercial and municipal buildings.